Insurance for dummies – Don’t get scammed

Fake health insurance scams are not new. For several years, the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) has seen consumers become victims of unscrupulous individuals purporting to sell health insurance at what appear to be extremely reasonable rates.


  • Don’t buy insurance online or over the phone, based on mailers, fliers or ads without investigating first and clearly understanding what you are buying.
  • Don’t respond to high pressure or fear tactics from aggressive salespeople.
  • Don’t provide your Social Security number, bank account numbers or credit card numbers before confirming that you are dealing with a legitimate company, and don’t give out personal information over the phone.
  • Don’t sign blank insurance claims forms.
  • Don’t give blanket authorization to a medical provider to bill for services rendered.


  • Do take the time to research any company before purchasing a health insurance policy from it-a few minutes invested in searching the Internet is worth your time.
  • Do check with your state’s Insurance Department to make sure the company is licensed to do business.
  • Do compare insurance coverage.
  • Do document your dealings with any company from which you are considering purchasing insurance.
  • Do get a list of doctors and other providers that participate with the insurance plan you are considering.
  • Do ask LOTS of questions.
  • Do report suspected fraud to your state insurance department.

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