Bitcoin Bigger than Ever

You might have heard about this bitcoin thing; it’s been in the news a lot. Something to do with it passing $8,000…no $9,000…$100.000 no, wait, where are we now? It’s hard to keep pace. No one knows where bitcoin will be a day, week, or year from now, but at this moment in time, bitcoin is bigger than the following things.


Bitcoin surged past PayPal weeks ago, and is on course to double the market cap of the payment processing company very soon.


The world’s most famous fast food company has a market cap of $135 billion. Bitcoin, at $163 billion, looks supersized in comparison.


The enterprise computing giant has a market cap of $140 billion. Bitcoin is worth almost $25 billion more.


The current value of all Walt Disney stock is $155 billion. Who needs Disneyland when you’ve got the bitcoin roller coaster to ride?

General Electric

You might have heard of GE; they were once the largest company in the world and still retain almost 300,000 employees. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has zero official employees, and yet is worth several billion dollars more.

And many more ……..


Dogecoin over $1 in 2020 !!!

Dogecoin is the natural way a Democratic Capitalist country creates a cryptocurrency.

Doge is technology the US Dollar can use to move in and out of encrypted electronic states, just like bitcoin, but with more available than bitcoin, it allows the $1 mark to find a natural crypto ally in Dogecoin. And with all other fiat currencies moving in and out of Doge, $1 or even $10 a Doge is reasonable in five years.

Bitcoin’s future is in Macro transactions. $1,000,000 to 1 BTC. For things like trading Mike Trout for 50 BTC and a 1st round draft pick.

So I think that equilibrium with $1 will come rapidly as more and more people move USD and other fiats into it and have less need to convert out of Doge as they will continue to transact with their Dogecoins instead of needing to convert to USD, though the value of your coins will always be in relation to what they are worth in USD and Bitcoin.

Tech savvy countries with unstable economies are turning to Bitcoin and Dogecoin. They may well become the pioneers of implementing Crypto into the physical marketplace (Argentina, Greece, Etc.)

Now is an excellent opportunity for people in bad economies to safe haven their money with little downside from what they are already facing and exponential upside.

For anyone making money in a country with a history of unstable currency, it would behoove them to immediately convert their money into something that has international backing. Something that will have the strength of the US Dollar flowing through it.

*Russian citizens you should definitely be buying as much Doge as you can get your hands on if it isn’t already too late.

What do you Shibes think? I always like this topic because it generates thoughts and ideas that help lead us to the moon!

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Long term care- must read it !!!!

Long Term CareDo you or your love ones have a plan for it? Long term care is a growing problem that families have to deal with and it is only getting worse with the growing number of retirees. Just think about it, if you have a take care of your parents or love ones while having a job and a family, it can be a huge burden trying to juggle and make everything work. You may have to quit your job but then if you do who is going to bring in that paycheck that you were bringing in. So LTC is or should be one of the major types of protection in planning for your future or for your aging parents. For most of us, LTC is not an issue of “what if” it will happen but rather when it will happen because we never know when something will happen. You can purchase LTC as a stand alone policy or as a rider in an insurance policy so take care of your LTC because you won’t want to be a burden to your loved ones.

Why should we have life insurance? 

Why should we have life insurance? Is it for protection just in case or is it a nuisance. Why do we get car insurance? Is it because we have to or do we believe in the protection of it, that if you get in a wreck that the insurance will take care of it. Most of us don’t think about our life the same way. We think we are invincible, that nothing is ever going to happen to us. Some may think it is too expensive or some may not even know about it. Some say I will think about it or I will get it later which is fine and dandy. My question to you is, do you know what will happen tomorrow or next week or next month or 10 years from now. Life is full of the unexpected and uncertainties. Please take the steps to protect it, protect yourself but most important, your love ones because what happens to you affects them. Are you going to leave them with security or hardship . I can on and on writing about this, but we will end it here for now…….

Insurance for dummies – Don’t get scammed

Fake health insurance scams are not new. For several years, the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) has seen consumers become victims of unscrupulous individuals purporting to sell health insurance at what appear to be extremely reasonable rates.


  • Don’t buy insurance online or over the phone, based on mailers, fliers or ads without investigating first and clearly understanding what you are buying.
  • Don’t respond to high pressure or fear tactics from aggressive salespeople.
  • Don’t provide your Social Security number, bank account numbers or credit card numbers before confirming that you are dealing with a legitimate company, and don’t give out personal information over the phone.
  • Don’t sign blank insurance claims forms.
  • Don’t give blanket authorization to a medical provider to bill for services rendered.


  • Do take the time to research any company before purchasing a health insurance policy from it-a few minutes invested in searching the Internet is worth your time.
  • Do check with your state’s Insurance Department to make sure the company is licensed to do business.
  • Do compare insurance coverage.
  • Do document your dealings with any company from which you are considering purchasing insurance.
  • Do get a list of doctors and other providers that participate with the insurance plan you are considering.
  • Do ask LOTS of questions.
  • Do report suspected fraud to your state insurance department.

Please comment.. most questions will be answered.

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