Genesis Platinum Mining


The Genesis Platinum Mining Contract has a power rating of 2500 GH and a lifetime duration. The Company has a solid reputation for integrity and charges a management fee for hosting and maintaining your GH in their optimally chosen global locations.

N.B. Genesis Mining charges a small maintenance fee as long as the contract is profitable. Deducted from profits.

There are no extra charges apart from the maintenance fee.

Electricity costs minimised through using low cost locations with green credentials.

Contracts start each day with daily payouts.

Click link below:

Share the code “zxVCKt” with any person you’d like – friends, family, or followers. They’ll get a 3% discount on their purchase, and you’ll get a hashpower upgrade corresponding to your tier.

Whether you’re a beginning blogger, or a social butterfly, our affiliate program has benefits for everyone.

Now 3% discount code –  zxVCKt



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