Long term care- must read it !!!!

Long Term CareDo you or your love ones have a plan for it? Long term care is a growing problem that families have to deal with and it is only getting worse with the growing number of retirees. Just think about it, if you have a take care of your parents or love ones while having a job and a family, it can be a huge burden trying to juggle and make everything work. You may have to quit your job but then if you do who is going to bring in that paycheck that you were bringing in. So LTC is or should be one of the major types of protection in planning for your future or for your aging parents. For most of us, LTC is not an issue of “what if” it will happen but rather when it will happen because we never know when something will happen. You can purchase LTC as a stand alone policy or as a rider in an insurance policy so take care of your LTC because you won’t want to be a burden to your loved ones.

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