Bitcoin’s next BIG move is almost here !!!

Please watch this video, (link below)  this this is one of the best crypto channels out there. Alessio Rastani is in my opinion one of the best educated traders.

A little about him :

Alessio Rastani has worked as an independent trader and in research of the financial markets for 10 years and at the age of 40 has become a widely followed commentator, releasing countless reports and online training on subjects ranging from stock markets, technical analysis and trading.

His career as a trader began after the famous dot-com technology crash of 2000, which was a huge learning lesson.

He then sought out some of the best traders in the field to be his mentors. He realised that the only way to good trading was through solid research and the practical learning of market behaviour through use of different algorithms and strategies.

After Alessio graduated with a Law degree in 2003 and having worked at many law firms in London, he decided to quit the 9-5 job. Instead he started what he had always wanted which is to become an independent trader and start his own trading research service.

Alessio enjoys trading the markets, particularly stocks, futures, currencies and commodities.

He is also a passionate speaker on his favourite topic – “charting analysis” – and has been invited to speak at trading seminars in London, USA, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

In 2011 Alessio was honoured to be interviewed by figures such as Sir David Frost.

Alessio hosts monthly free online training sessions where he gives the most up-to-date information on the markets, trading strategies and chart analysis. He was excited to have nearly 1000 attendees in his last webinar. He provides a simple blueprint for people who are equally interested in trading and analysis.


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